Isol Tile System

Involving an overall investment of € 416,541.86, the Isol Tile System project is aimed fundamentally at developing ceramic components bonded to outdoor thermal insulation. It has NSRF funding of € 244,445.25, under the Competitiveness Factors Operational Programme, from the European Regional Development Fund.

The project lasted 22 months, starting in September 2013 and ending in June 2015, with the participation of the leading promoter Saint-Gobain Weber Portugal S.A. and co-promoters Revigrés – Indústria de Revestimentos de Grés, Lda., Amorim Isolamentos, S.A., Iberfibran-Poliestireno Extrudido, S.A. and the Institute for Technological Research and Development in Construction Sciences – IteCons.

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