Revigrés 2020

With the planned investment Revigrés will still help to promote innovation in the business world, by producing new goods and services, and with processes that support its progression up the value chain, to ensure its position on international markets.

Over the last few years, the release of the new collections of 90x90cm porcelain tiles has consolidated and strengthened the differentiation and innovation strategies always sought out by the company. The production of large sizes is a contemporary architectural trend, and these collections will contribute to strengthening current markets and conquering new ones internationally.

Through this project, and by enhancing and diversifying the products mentioned above, Revigrés invests in the industrialisation of product groups that have been developed through the hard work of RDT, with the help of its partners and entities of the SCTN (National Scientific and Technological System). It has thus proceeded with its strategic plan – Innovation, Design, Quality and Service-, as a form of differentiation and breaking away from the state of the art.

The REVIGRÉS 2020 project is funded by the ERDF within the Thematic Operational Programme the Competitiveness and Internationalisation of PORTUGAL 2020, in accordance with the call for proposals Notice 03/SI/2015 under the Specific Regulation for the Competitiveness and Internationalisation of the System of Incentives for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, governed by Decree no. 57-A/2015.


The investment and grants allocated to the Revigrés 2020 project amount to:

Total Investment: € 3,324,900.00;

Eligible Investment: € 2,768,900.00;

Refundable Incentive: € 969,115.00;

Prize: € 484,557.50.

Expected duration of the project:

Start date: 2015.04.24 – End date: 2017.04.20

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