Social Accountability

Revigrés is the first company in the ceramic sector to be certified by the Social Accountability Management System – NP 4469-1:2008.

Sustainability and well-being

In the context of the challenges of sustainable development, we have adopted a series of socially responsible practices with a view to making a positive contribution to society and maximizing the positive impacts of the company.

Hence, the company strives to preserve resources, to respect diversity and to promote a reduction in social inequality, resulting in an improvement in the lifestyles of present and future generations. We believe Revigrés should act as an agent of change and innovation with an impact. In this way, we will integrate these concerns in the institutional values of the company and a social and environmental policy based on investment in innovation and on eco-efficient behavior. We have created, promoted and taken part in activities which may contribute to the development of various social areas.

Social accountability policy

Ethics and Commitment

Revigrés acts on the basis of the internal code of ethics and has established standards of conduct which reflect the main traits and which contribute, in line with the system of values and principal ethics, to the fulfilment of the company´s mission. We thereby commit our audiences (internal – workers and external – suppliers) to compliance with the general, operational and specific principles of social accountability. We also promote the involvement of interested parties in these objectives by means of sharing experiences in a continuous and reciprocal process whereby we strive to provide information in relation to issues concerning the environment and social accountability arising from the activities carried out by the company.

Conduct Standards

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