Mixing different styles

Get to know the latest trends in interior design and start mixing different styles.

Get to know the latest trends in interior design and start mixing different styles.

Black & White 

Black and white never goes out of fashion! It is a global trend by which any texture, pattern or colour can be combined, producing interesting environments.

Timeless look 

Marble is a timeless material and goes perfectly with dark shades for a more industrial look, or gold for a more glamorous look.

Patterns and natural materials

The wood effect calls on comfort and fosters an intimate and warm environment. One trend is the combination of the sober shades of this natural material with the lively colours of the hydraulic design to highlight a section of space.

The colour white

White is invigorating and gives light and size to space. To create environments with personality, the trend is to play with patterns, lines and relief that foster dynamics and movement.

Gold and sophistication

Synonymous with luxury and sophistication, gold has the power to enrich decoration and to enhance glow. The use of tiles with relief lend depth to space.

Multiplying effect

Mirrored materials optimise space and reflect the colour of other decorations, creating lively atmospheres.

The traditional Portuguese tiles

Portuguese tiles are increasingly appreciated. The trend is to use it on half a wall or on a detail of the room, complementing it with other materials like stone.

Industrial Inspiration

Cement allows you to create space with industrial inspiration, which is simultaneously sophisticated, modern and contemporary. Combine it with patterns and even other materials like wood.

Published in 24/01/18

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